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The DiMartino's have been in the New York food business since 1967, five years after newlyweds Rose and Frank arrived from Pompei, Italy. Rose and Frank started out with a bakery in New York and eventually opened a full service New York restaurant with New York Pizza as their primary focus. Today, sons Vincent and Pasquale run the operations at Pappardelle's Italian Restaurant, under the watchful eye of their restaurateur parents.

NY Flying Pizza was born from an idea brought to us by our customers at Pappardelle's Italian Restaurant.

Our customers would constantly tell us about their relatives who moved away and how they miss New York Style Pizza. They would tell us “you can’t get good New York style pizza anywhere but New York”, being in the New York restaurant business all our lives we knew this to be true. We heard this daily, finally, we decided to do something about it and we started NY Flying Pizza in order to get New York style pizza to all our friends, family and loved ones. Everyone is finally able to order New York Pizza online.

We started by formulating our idea into a web site. We set aside specific space in our Restaurant and then started to test ship “free” New York pizza throughout the US. We tried various boxing methods and various delivery methods till finally we developed a patent pending delivery box that can keep temperatures over 3 day ground delivery.

You can be sure, no matter what method of delivery you choose, your New York Pizza or other products will arrive fresh. All orders arrive with instructions to eat immediately, refrigerate or freeze for another day. Our tests have shown quality product delivered and quality product received.

So order New York Pizza online from NY Flying Pizza. We think you’ll love it.

Pasquale DiMartino

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